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Vanessa Perry - credit repair experts

Vanessa Perry – Owner

Vanessa opened Impeccable Credit Services in 2004. As a loan officer, she experienced many interesting situations. She attempted what she thought was the impossible, qualifying clients with less than perfect credit to purchase homes.

What they needed was Impeccable Credit. These experiences have taught her the importance of customer service. She understands just about every credit situation.

Vanessa will not always tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. Moreover, she will give you a timeline and a plan that is realistic with your goal in mind along with the education to keep the credit score in Impeccable shape.

glamour perry - credit restoration specialist

Glamour Perry – Credit Scientist

Glamour has been with Impeccable Credit Services since 2014. After graduating from Sam Houston State University in 2016, she joined our credit repair experts full-time to help others achieve the goal of Impeccable Credit. Glamour has been exposed to the credit business since the early age of 9.

She enjoys Repairing Credit, Changing Lives. Glamour processes each individual file in-house and takes customer satisfaction to the next level.

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Daisy Grace Perry – Mascot

Daisy Grace has been with Impeccable Credit Services since 2016. She is truly the life of the office. When she is not napping she is entertaining clients. If you stop by our Houston Office, there is a good chance Daisy will grace you with her presence.

Be careful not to give her too many scratches because she might just quit and go home with you!