Impeccable Credit Services takes a unique approach to our credit restoration process. Helping you achieve your goal is our main focus. We help you achieve your goals by customizing a plan to fit your needs. Banks today worry about mitigating their risk when it comes to lending.

Impeccable Credit Services provides guidance in helping each client understand what factors are important to a bank.

We help implement the appropriate measures to qualify and maintain the loan long term. It is very important to understand that each client is unique. However, saving money on interest is the common goal everyone shares.

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Impeccable Credit Services can supply results to you in as little as 45 days. Time is of the essence in our program. We require cooperation from our clients to expedite results. The better the cooperation, the more rapidly we can produce results.

Many factors determine the amount of time our program takes, and many types of credit accounts take longer to resolve than others. We ensure that we work as quickly as possible and as long as necessary to resolve your credit dilemma.

Steps To Optimizing Your Score

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  • Pay all bills in a timely fashion. Late payments can affect your score even more than collections!
  • Positive Open Accounts. To have a high score, you have to have credit. Make sure to only apply for what you need and keep low balances!
  • Know your credit. Stay aware of what you have available and what you have outstanding!
  • Think of credit as a tool! Remember “Credit is an Essential of Life.”

Factoring Your Credit Score

Each of the three bureaus, Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax, have a different approach to scoring your credit history. This is why each score varies from one to another. There are common factors that determine your score though.

The following chart lays out the influence of each of the major factors.

Credit Score Chart