Vehicle Auto Loans For Credit Repair Houston Clients

Credit Repair Houston“Buy Here Pay Here” is “Last Resort”

It is impossible to miss these dealerships in the city of Houston. They are located on every major freeway, along with local cross streets.  Many people in need of credit repair in Houston consider these dealerships when they are purchasing a vehicle.  These dealerships should  be “Last Resort.” 

Paying Double And Triple For A Used Car?

The cars on “buy here pay here” lots are usually over priced.   The interest is usually double and triple of what you would pay financing through your local credit union.  

The Vehicle You Are Going To Purchase May Have Issues You Are Not Aware Of

A big issue with these cars is typically with the warranty and maintence history.  These cars typically come from dealer auctions.  They are purchased through a dealer network online and shipped to the”buy here pay here” location.

Additional History On The Used Car You Are Considering Purchasing?

These cars may be sold from insurance agencies at a very low prices due to previous damage and or flood issues.  

Time To Reconsider your “Last Resort”

After reading below, you may reconsider your “Last Resort” purchase.

How To Purchase Vehicle in Houston

Banks are lending again.   This is geat for the auto industry.  It also benefits consumers in Houston.  It is important to pull your credit report to see where your credit score stands.

Credit Repair Houston Clients Should Be Upfront With The Finance Department

It is a good idea to be upfront with finance department.  Explain any issues that have occurred with vehicles previously purchased. 

Credit Score And Vehicle Credit History Are Important When Financing A Vehicle

Remember, the lenders are going to look at your vehicle history first. They want to make sure,  if they lend you money on a new vehicle,  you have the ability to pay them back.  The additional accounts on your credit report are taken into consideration as well.  However, they are more concerned with credit score and vehicle credit history.

TransUnion, Equifax or Experian:  Which Score Is The Highest?

Most consumers have 3 credit scores.  If you know your highest score is Equifax, ask the finance manager if they have a lender that uses Equifax only.  This will save you thousands of dollars through out the term of the loan.

Tips To Refinancing The Vehicle  You Currently Own or Recently Purchased

What Is The Payment @ 15% Interest?

Houston Credit Repair Clients need to take a good look at these figures: On a $20,000.00 car loan at 15% for 60 months payment would be $475.80.

What is The Payment On The Exact Same Vehicle @ 10% Interest?

Now let’s look at 10% payment would be $424.94.

What Does The Payment Look Like @ 5% Interest?

Payment for 5% would be $377.42. 

Does Anybody Have 0% Interest Available?

Yes, in today’s market place for cars 0% financing is around.  0% would be $334.00 for 60 months.

The Difference Between 15% Interest And 0% = Huge Savings

You could save over $8500.00 in interest instead of paying 15% over the term of 60 months. Now that is a lot of money to save for your families financial future.

Where And When To Refinance Your Vehicle

Banks love to take over the financing from another lender with payment history being on time for six months. 

Ask The Finance Manager, If You Have The Ability To Refinance With One Of The Dealership’s Lenders After 6 Months Of Payments

Another great option Houstonians need to consider, using the finance manager at your local dealership to refinance your vehicle after 6 months of payments.  Many times, they can re-fiance your car loan for a small fee. This can eliminate the hassle of dealing with a bank directly.

Refinancing Your Vehicle At The Dealership

The finance department can pull your credit report and have you out the door in less than one hour.  Remember, you do not have to purchase a vehicle from them to re-fiance your existing car.  

Improve Your Credit Before Financing A New Or Used Vehicle

If you notice on your report that your vehicle credit is less than perfect,  you may want to consider taking the appropriate steps to improve your credit before purchasing the new vehicle.   If you have any late payments or repossessions showing, you should try to have them resolved before purchasing the new vehicle.

Consider Hiring A Credit Repair Company In Houston To Improve Your Credit

If you don’t have time to dispute these negative items that are showing up on your credit report yourself,  you may consider hiring a credit repair company in Houston to assist you.

Spending The Money Now Will Save You Thousands In Interest Later

The interest you will have to pay for this new vehicle could cost you thousands over the course of the loan if these issues are not resolved prior to purchasing the vehicle. If you decide to sell the vehicle in the future, you do not want to be upside down.

Is It Time To Re-finance?

Having a low interest rate on the car loan is the key to paying off the principal of the car loan.  Consumers should look at their current car and decide if it is time to re-fiance.

Do Not Spend Your Retirement, College Fund or Vacation Money On High Interest

Every dollar saved on vehicle interest is money that families may use to save for college, retirement or vacation.

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Credit Repair Clients In Houston Experience An Increase In Identity Theft

Credit Repair HoustonIdentity Theft is Becoming One Fastest Growing Crimes

Identity theft is growing faster than any other crime, according several government agencies. 

How Does Identity Theft  Affect Me?

1 out of every 6 adults will be affected by identity theft.

Growing Technology Accelerates Crime

Social Media and the Internet continue to grow.  By the year 2020 we will have over 50 Billion devices in the world that can hack identity being used worldwide. That will be roughly 10 times the entire population of 5 Billion in the entire world we live in.

New Technology Has The Ability To Scan Checks To Phones And Transmit The Deposit Into Your Bank

One piece of equipment now used to scan in checks for deposit is a simple cell phone. Cell phones have the ability to scan the check and transmit the deposit into your bank.  You are now at risk of your cell phone being hacked due to this technology.

Criminals Have The Ability To Steal Credit Card Numbers Without Having Posession Of Actual Credit Cards

There is a new, popular gadget criminals are using.  While you have your wallet or purse in your possession, the criminal walks by with a scanner that has the ability to read  your credit card numbers without touching them.  These card scanners have the ability to read almost anywhere as long at they are in range.  This type of technology is going to cause major identity theft for years to come.

Statistics on Identity Theft

In the year 2010 there were 12 million reported cases of identity theft in the United States.  Now this costs US consumers 34 Billion Dollars.  This drives the cost of goods up for all Consumers in the US.

What Is The Average Cost For A Credit Repair Client In Houston That Falls Victim To Identity Theft?

Identity theft will cost Houston consumers an average of $900.00 per incident in out of pocket expenses to defend against this type of fraud. The figure increases to over $225 Billion through the entire world. This does put a major strain on economies and families on a global scale.

Who Do I Contact First?

It is very important today to monitor your credit to look for items that do not belong there. Fraud needs to be handled correctly.  You need to contact creditor immediately to let them know you did not authorize or have any knowledge of this transaction.

50% Of The Time Houston Consumers Do Not Realize Fraud Has Occurred Within 90 Days

Studies say that 50% of the time Houston consumers realize that fraud has occurred within ninety days.  20% of Houston consumers do not realize this has occurred after 3 years from the date of theft happening.

Credit Monitoring Services

This is unacceptable since online monitoring services are available abundantly at this time.  is a reliable, inexpensive monitoring system, credit repair Houston recommends.

Time vs. Money

It can take up to 350 hrs of one persons time to navigate the waters on repairing identity theft damage. This equals to almost nine full weeks of work.   If person makes $500.00 per week, this will be around $4500.00 it will cost you in lost wages to repair this damage caused by identity theft.

Should I Hire A Credit Repair Company in Houston Or Attempt Repairing My Credit Myself? 

 I recommend hiring a houston credit repair company or an attorney to handle this for you. The money that you will need to pay them to handle this, will be drop in a bucket compared to the lost wages that can occur if you decide to tackle this endeavor on your own.

Be Wise, Choose Your Battles

Remember time is money and this is one headache you might want to allow others to handle for you.

Identity Theft Cases Take Priority With The Credit Bureaus

The credit bureaus give identity theft high priority. Results usually come back sooner than later as there are legal consequences to the credit bureaus. The credit bureaus take identify theft very serious.

Credit Repair Houston Clients Have Had Great Sucess Following Cases Of Identity Theft

Impeccable Credit Services over the years has never had an issue with getting credit repair clients in Houston, cases addressed and cleared up, usually within 45 days.

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Credit Repair Houston Clients Common Question: “CONSUMER DISPUTES ON MY HOUSTON CREDIT REPORT?”

 Credit Repair Houston

A Consumer Has The Right To File A Dispute With The Credit Bureaus

 Every consumer in the United States has the right to dispute accounts reporting negative, inaccurate, unverifiable and incomplete information on their credit reports.

The Result of Filing a Dispute

When a consumer files a dispute with credit bureau or directly with creditor, they may see the notation ” CONSUMER DISPUTES THIS ITEM ” on their credit report . 

 Why Does My Loan Officer Say The Credit Score May Drop Once The Consumer Disputes Are Deleted?

 When the dispute is filed on the report the item is not to be counted against the homebuyer’s credit score until the item has finished it’s dispute process, many loan officers have experienced a drop in the credit score once the consumer dispute is deleted from the credit report. 

How Do I Know If Credit Repair in Houston Will Affect My Credit Score

The only time a CONSUMER DISPUTE will affect the credit score is when the notation states “CONSUMER DISPUTE, REINVESTIGATION IN PROGRESS”. 

 Preparing The Credit Score Prior To Removing Consumer Disputes

The best way to prepare for closing a mortgage if a homebuyer has been through credit repair in Houston and has “CONSUMER DISPUTES”, is to prepare the credit score ahead of time.  Make sure the balances on any revolving accounts are paid below 30%, make sure to pay all bills on time.  A 30 day late will drop the credit score several points.

What About Accounts I Do Not Use, Should I Pay Them Off And Close Them?

Make sure to keep revolving accounts with a long history open.  Closing them will drop the  credit score.

I Can’t Close On My Home Because Of Consumer Disputes On My Houston Credit Report! 

If a homebuyer is closing on an FHA loan, the credit report must be clear of “CONSUMER DISPUTES”.

How Do I Get The Consumer Disputes Deleted From My Credit Report?

This is an easy process, but very time consuming.  The objective is to find out who placed the “CONSUMER DISPUTE” on the credit report.  The “CONSUMER DISPUTE” is going to be reported by one of the 3 credit bureaus, or the actual debtor.  The homebuyer must contact each of the 3 credit bureaus and the debtor to have the “CONSUMER DISPUTE” notation deleted.

All 3 Credit Bureaus Are Not Reporting The “CONSUMER DISPUTE” Do I Need Credit Repair In Houston To Assist Me?

No, the homebuyer does not need assistance by credit repair in Houston, this is something they can do this themselves.  Each credit bureau, if they are not reporting a “CONSUMER DISPUTE” on their report will ask if the homebuyer would like for them to open a dispute. 

Avoid Opening A Dispute With The 3 Credit Bureaus For Fast Results

The homebuyer should avoid opening a dispute with the credit bureau if the actual debtor is reporting the “CONSUMER DISPUTE”. 

 Ask The Credit Bureaus To Provide Contact Information for The Debtor

Instead of opening an investigation with the credit bureaus, ask the credit bureaus for contact information for the actual debtor. 

Contacting The Debtor Directly

The Homebuyer should contact the debtor,  they should let them know they are closing on a mortgage and must have the “CONSUMER DISPUTE” deleted from the credit report.  The homebuyer must let the debtor know they need a letter on the debtor’s letterhead faxed and/or mailed to them.

What Do I Do If The Collection Company States I Must Pay The Collection First? 

It get’s tricky when a collection agency is placing the consumer dispute on the credit report. A homebuyer should get the consumer dispute removed before speaking with a collection company about settling the debt.  

Keep In Mind Settling A Collection Does Not Always Result in Deleting “CONSUMER DISPUTES”

 Make sure they prove that they legally have the right to collect the debt according to the law before sending a DIME to them.

What Options Do I Have If A Collection Company Will Not Delete The “CONSUMER DISPUTE”

We do have mortgage brokers that can help  with the removal of consumer disputes if you are in need.













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Credit Repair Clients In Houston Need A Family Budget

Credit Repair Houston

What Is The Purpose of a Budget?

“A budget tells your money what to do instead of wondering where your money went each month.”

Houston Businesses Must Have A Budget

All businesses in Houston must have a budget and cash flow analysis to gage how the business is performing.

Credit Repair Houston Clients Should Treat The Household Like A Business

Houston households should apply the same procedures they do in business, when it comes to running their households expenses. 

Figuring Out Monthly Expenses

Take the time to sit down and determine how much money, after taxes, comes into the household.  How much is needed to pay for the mortgage, utilities, car, food, cloths, gas, credit cards and any additional monthly expenses?

Deducting Monthly Expenses From The Total Amount Of Monthly Income

After totaling the monthly expenses , you must deduct this figure from the total amount of household income.  The balance is what you have remaing after all monthly expenses are paid.

Credit Repair Clients In Houston May Be “Shocked” to Discover What Is Spent Monthly

The number may be a real “shocker”. This is  a necessary step in order to figure out your monthly household  budget.

Spending More Than You Make?

Spending more than comes in, can lead to major financial difficulties. 

Trimming The Fat

If you are spending more that you make, it may be time to cut some expenses out of the budget.  Take a look at the monthly expenses and figure out what expenses can be eliminated. 

Downsizing May Be the Key

If you are unable to eliminate anything from your monthly budget, it may be time to downsize.  You may consider moving into a less expensive home or trading in your current vehicle for a less expensive vehicle with great gas mileage.

Time To Obtain A 2nd Job

If you are unable to downsize, it may be time to seek part time employment.  Bringing in additional income will help with the bills.  If you budget correctly, your part time employment will be temporary.

You Should Not Feel Alone

We all have been through a major financial crisis the past five years.  We must do our best to move forward without looking back.  Creating your “family budget” is a positive step in the right direction.

Self Employed Family Budgets

Family Budgets for the self employed can be done.

“How can I come up with a family budget,  if my income coming in is never the same each month?”

The best way for credit repair clients in Houston to handle a self employed family budget, go back through the the last 12 months of bank statements to determine what your income was in that time period.  Now average the 12 months  to see what the monthly income is.  Use the steps above to complete the process in understanding your finances. 

Evaluating  And Forcasting Your Annual Income

You will notice that some months are better than others.  You should plan your expenses accordingly.  Try not to over spend on the months when income is low!  Make an effort to get ahead of your bills when income is high.

Family Budget Killers

We all have expenses that come up that are not included in our usual budgets.  For example, vehicle repairs, healthcare related expenses and,  yes,” the big one” is, vacations. 

Planning For Those Unexpected Expenses, Insurance

There are ways to cover unexpected expenses.  Obtaining auto repair insurance for  car repairs is an expense that can be budgeted monthly, eliminating surprisingly high auto repairs.  Medical insurance for your healthcare needs is also a must,  in the family budget.

Family Vacations

Vacations seem to be the one expense that is never covered properly.  It’s hard to keep up with your neighbors,  “the Jones’s” on where they travel and how much they spend on vacation.  It is important that you focus on your own family budget.

Budgeting The Family Vacation

After making a decision on your family vacation spot, you must figure out what it is going to cost.  Make sure you save the money in advance each month.  Adding this expense into your monthly budget is recommended.  The goal is to pay off the vacation before you leave. 

Vacation Key to Success

Another key to success while on vacation is to come up with a spending budget while you are traveling.  Credit repair clients in Houston should stay within your means and control spending.

Vacation + 10% Interest = Stressful Trip

Do not charge the vacation last minute.  Paying interest on the vacation when you get back it will make it difficult to ever pay it off.  Vacations are not fun when your stressing out the entire time, thinking about the bill you will receive from  your credit card company when you return home.

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Credit Repair Service In Houston Recommends Keeping A Healthy Credit Score

Credit Repair Services HoustonI Did Not Realize Keeping a Healthy Credit Score Was So Important

Keeping your credit healthy is very important as you move forward.  Managing your personal credit profile is second to managing your “health”. 

 Having Healthy Credit Takes Work

We all understand we are unable to eat bad food and eliminate our exercise regimen in order to remain “healthy”.  If you want to establish a healthy mix of credit, it is not wise to pay your bills late or stop paying on your bills, forcing unpaid items into collections. 

Credit Repair Service In Houston

Prior to enrolling in a credit repair service in Houston, you must know where your credit is currently.  The first step to having healthy credit is pulling a credit report once a year to see what information is on the credit report. 

Can I Obtain a Free Credit Report?

 You can obtain a free credit report once a year from  

What Is The Purpose of A Credit Report?

The credit report paints a picture to a bank or lender determining the likelihood of a consumer will be to pay back the amount borrowed. 

How Did My Neighbor Buy A Car Without Showing Income Documents?

If the credit scores are high, the risk is low.  This is the reason somebody with a 700 plus credit score has to show limited income documentation while applying for any type of financing.  A borrower with such a high credit score has earned this right showing previous payment history to be impeccable. I

Lower Credit Scores = High Risk

f the score is low, the risk is high.  A consumer may be asked to provide additional  information when applying for any type of loan.  Unfortunately in today’s banking market, the reason your mortgage was late or the fact that you were not able to pay a bill has no relevancy in the approval process. 

Credit Repair Service In Houston’s most frequently asked question

How do I obtain an 800 credit score?

 An 800 credit score is not something you achieve overnight.  An 800 credit score is a lifetime of being financially responsible.  Consumers must learn that restoring your credit is like maintaining a healthy nutrition program.  It is not something that happens instantly, it takes months and years of exercising good financial habits.

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Credit Repair Houston Clients: Understanding Your 3 Credit Scores

Credit Repair HoustonWhat Is The Purpose of A Credit Report?

It is important to understand  there are three credit bureaus that make up your personal credit report.  Credit Reports are used to determine the buyers ability to pay back what they borrow.

 Who Are The Three Credit Bureaus?

The three credit bureaus are TransUnion, Equifax  and Experian. 

How Often Should I Pull My Credit Report?

It is very important to pull your credit report once a year to make sure you do not have any unknown items reporting  to one or all of the three credit reports.

 Why Are My Three Credit Scores Different?

Each of the three credit scores may vary between 25-40%.  The reason for the difference in the credit scores, not all lenders report the same information to all 3 bureaus on a monthly basis. 

 Three Credit Bureaus Not Reporting The Same Information?

For example, your car payment may only report to one, two or all three credit bureaus.  You may have a collection account that is reporting to one  bureau, but is not listed on the other 2 credit bureaus.  This is what causes the different credit scores to occur.

 Keeping a Healthy Credit Report

In today’s banking market, it is best for credit repair clients in Houston to have a report that shows no late payments, no collections and certainly no public records. 

What Are The Guidelines?

All creditors have different guidelines they must follow while determining your credit worthiness.  When applying for credit, you want to pay as little interest as possible.  A high credit score will always land you a lower rate.

Another Big Shocker Frequently Asked By Credit Repair Clients in Houston

Why are the credit scores different when pulled by mortgage personnel, online credit monitoring services and car dealerships?

 The reason for this is credit reporting agencies use many different combinations of algorithms  (mathematical formulas) to generate your credit report.  This is normal, so don’t be shocked.

 Who Can I Contact For Credit Repair in Houston?

If you need any help with credit repair in houston, please do not hesitate to contact our office @ 281-298-6811.  Remember  “Credit is an Essential of Life”

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How Much Does Bad Credit Cost?

Credit Repair HoustonHigh Interest Rates Make it Impossible to Save Money

Many Houstonians share the same challenges while trying to improve credit scores.  The common challenge is paying high interest rates on vehicle loans, mortgages and insurance. 

What is the Cost of Credit Repair?

Most people are concerned with the cost of credit repair in Houston.  This is a valid concern.  How much will is cost to fix credit?  This is a question people ask when they are interested in improving credit scores. 

How Much Are You Currently Spending on Bad Credit?

However, I don’t think most people who are in the process of fixing their credit have done the research to figure out how much bad credit costs. 

Improving Credit Scores Will Save Money on More Than Your Mortgage Loan

Most Houstonians realize improving credit scores will provide significant savings on a mortgage loan.  I decided to research how much Houstonian’s would save on everyday purchases such as vehicle loans and insurance rates by improving credit scores. 

How Much Money Will You Save By Repairing Your Credit Score? 

For example, on the purchase of a $25,000.00 vehicle, a buyer would save a total of $5,199.80 in interest by improving credit from a 589 credit score to a 640 credit score.  If the same buyer proceeded with credit repair, improving credit to a 681 credit score, the same buyer would save an additional $1,753.40. 

Credit Repair vs. Insurance Savings

Many Houstonians do not realize that improving credit scores will also save money on insurance rates.  If a consumer with a 680 credit score proceeded to improve credit scores to 732, they have the  ability to save approximately $750.00 per year on homeowners and vehicle insurance combined. 

Total Savings = Money In The Bank

 If you add the savings on the purchase of a vehicle to the savings on homeowners insurance, the total savings would total $7703.20.  Please keep in mind, we have not added savings on a mortgage loan.  By entering a credit repair program, fixing the credit and improving credit scores you are saving a minimum of $5600.00.

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Is Credit Report Repair Worth The Money?

Credit Report Repair HoustonMany Houstonians With Good Credit Are Considering Credit Report Repair

Many Houstonians with bad credit ask themselves the same question.  In fact, many Houstonians with fair/good credit are considering credit report repair.   A 680 credit score was a great credit score in the past.  Today most banks are requiring a minimum of a 700 credit score in order to consider  issuing a business loan.  Changes in guidelines are making it difficult for individuals establishing new businesses to borrow money.

 Banking And Mortgage Guidelines Are Not What They Used To Be

As banking and mortgage guidelines tighten up, Houstonians are finding what used to be great credit is fair, in today’s market. 

Considering Doing Credit Report Repair Yourself

This is when people explore their options.  Many people consider doing credit report repair themselves.  This is an option.  You must take into consideration, free time vs. money.  If you have plenty of time to do research, this may be an option for you. 

Not  Having Much Time To Spare For Credit Report Repair

If you have goals, a timeline and not a lot of time to spare, you may want to find a good credit report repair company to help you with this project. 

Knowledge is Valuable

The knowledge a good credit report repair company can provide will pay for itself. 

Due Dilligence Is Important When Choosing The Right Credit Report Repair Company

When you begin your search for the right credit report repair company, make sure to do your due dilligence on the credit report repair company. 

Communication With Your Credit Report Repair Company Is Key

Set your goals and ask for an estimated timeline.  Remember, establishing impeccable credit may take some time.  There is not a quick fix when it comes to repairing credit. 

How Many Years Has The Credit Report Repair Company Been In Business?

The key to impeccable credit is education.  Make sure the company you are considering for credit report repair has significant experience.  There is no alternative for experience. 

You Must Be Open To Building New Tradelines

A live person to contact for questions is always a plus.  Information is key.  A great credit report repair company will provide you with information to help build impeccable credit. 

Be Prepared To Change Your Structure

The same credit report repair company will not have a problem suggesting you modify your current habits.  In this case, change is good.  You may not always hear what you prefer from a great credit report repair company.  This is a positive sign. 

New Credit = New You

You can not expect a different result as long as you continue to practice the same habits. 

Is Credit Report Repair Worth The Money?

With all of the above listed information taken into consideration, the bottom line is always money.  Is credit report repair worth the money?  You decide.

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Is Credit Report Repair In My Plan For 2011?

Credit Report Repair HoustonPlanning for 2011

Many Houstonians are beginning plans for 2011.  Many financial plans include using credit. 

Smart is the New Rich

 In today’s economy most people need to be smart about their purchases. 

Taking the First Step

The first step is to make sure your credit score is in great shape.  Higher credit score = Best interest rate.  You may begin by ordering a free credit report from

Evaluate Your Credit Report

Take a look at the data on your credit report.  Make sure all data on the credit report looks familiar. 

Are You a Victim Of Identity Theft?

If any item on your credit report looks suspicious, including a different name, address, social security number, date of birth or an account you are not familiar with, you may be a victim of identity theft.  In the event you have been a victim if identity theft, you must put a hawk alert on your credit report.  You can do this yourself by contacting the credit bureaus. 

What is a Hawk Alert?

A hawk alert will inform the credit bureaus to contact you by phone prior to issuing credit. 

Determining Your Goals for 2011

The next step is determine your goals for 2011.  You may want to purchase a home and take advantage of the low interest rates.  Your goals may include obtaining a business loan, or purchasing a new vehicle. 

Will You Be Using Cash or Credit to Achieve Your Goals?

Once you have set your 2011 goals, you must decide if you are going to pay cash or use credit.  If you are using credit, you must find out what credit score is needed to qualify. 

Qualification Guidelines

This can be a task, since most companies will tell you to fill out an application to see if you are approved. 

If You Need Help, Give Us A Call

If you are considering purchasing a home, vehicle or qualifying for a business loan, feel free to contact your local credit report repair company, Impeccable Credit Services at 281-298-6811.  Impeccable Credit Services is a credit report repair company that has the ability to help with identity theft, planning the purchase of a new  home, vehicle or preparing the credit to qualify for a business loan.

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Know Your Credit Report to Avoid Credit Report Repair

Credit Report Repair HoustonDo You Know What Information is Reporting to TransUnion, Experian and Equifax?

Many Houstonians do not know what is reporting on their credit report until they are ready to make a purchase.  Not knowing what is on your credit report can cost you time money, unwanted stress and serious delays! 

Identity Theft  is Common

With today’s technology identity theft is very common.  Many people find they have been a victim of identity theft when they submit an application for a large purchase such as a new home, or a new vehicle. 

Everybody Takes Time to Plan For the Future

Purchasing a new home takes a lot of planning.  Most families save up for months and sometimes years to be able to put a down payment on their home.  Many new home purchases are  planned on a carefully calculated  timeline.  Couples may plan the purchase of their home immediately following marriage.  Parents plan to be in their new home before the birth of their new baby.  Families plan on relocating to another state due to a job transfer.  Parents may be planning on obtaining student loans for children going to college. 

Future Plans Can Be Destroyed Without Notice

The above listed events would all come to a screeching halt if one of the above listed individuals found out somebody had used their information to make a purchase.

Give Yourself the Gift of Impeccable Credit Every Holiday Season

Check the information listed on your credit report periodically.   Make it a habit as soon as you think about the holiday’s arriving, Dec. 1st, to pull your credit report by Experian, TransUnion and Equifax.  This way you will be able to take a pro- active approach. 

Will I Be a Victim of Identity Theft?

Although you never know when you will be a victim of identity theft, you may be able to address the problems before they get out of control. 

Request Your Credit Report

You should request credit report at least once a year.  You may request a free credit report once a year at

Take the Time to Go Through the Report Line by Line

Go over every item listed on the report.  Make sure each item belongs to you.  Take a look at the personal information to make sure the name, address, ss number and date of birth are all correct.  If something seems suspicious, you may be a victim of identity theft. 

What Happens if I find I have Been a Victim of Identity Theft?

If you have been a victim of identity theft, you must address the issues immediately!  This is in fact your life, being compromised!  We hope you do not need us.  However in the event you do, please contact your local credit report repair company, Impeccable Credit Services 281-298-6811.

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