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Bad Credit Houston

Bad Credit In Houston

In The Beginning

In today’s society people are constantly progressing in their personal lives and growing their careers.  It is now the norm to get married after college while beginning in a specific career field. During the engagement and honeymoon process people discuss only the finances of the wedding and honeymoon.

What About Those Bad Credit Skeletons Houston?

Neither the bride nor groom ever wants to discuss their debt circumstances until after the honeymoon. This is because they  have accumulated bad credit and debt typically before they met their significant other. Whether it is a shopping addiction, student loans, or medical bills,  everyone has a skeleton in their closet.  This all  leads to bad credit in Houston.  When a newlywed couple applies for a home loan in order to purchase the home of their dreams, those skeletons rear their ugly heads on the credit report. This bad credit in Houston can bring even the brightest dreams to a screeching halt.

Financial Problems Before Happily Ever After?

Before one knows it, reality has kicked the door in. This roadblock could have been avoided simply by being honest and up front in the relationship. It is better to discuss one another’s  debt before getting married.  As soon as the simple phrase “I do” is said, ones bad credit in Houston becomes a financial issue for two.  Prior to planning the wedding or honeymoon each person’s credit should be sufficient to qualify for a home loan.

Should We Really Charge Up Our Credit Cards On Our Dream Wedding?

In the optimal situation, all credit cards should be accounted for and paid to a zero balance. Avoid charging them on the “ultimate dream wedding.” The wedding and the honeymoon itself can accumulate debt if neither party is prepared for the financial expense.  Ask yourself and your fiance, “Do we really want to begin the rest of our lives in debt?”

Can We Afford Our Dream Wedding?

Citizens of the United States, on average, spend roughly $26,444 on the wedding alone.  This is according to  This statistic doesn’t even factor in the honeymoon!  The majority of the population doesn’t have a cool $30,000 lying around to blow in one day, especially when they are at the beginning of their respected careers.  This alone can lead to bad credit in Houston!

How Do We Avoid Financial Problems Before The Big Day?

Primarily, debt can ruin some marriages before they begin. Manage your debt together and be honest with each other before committing to a lifetime of stress. No one wants to wake up and worry about paying student loans belonging to their spouse, accumulated back when he or she wasn’t old enough to understand what a 20% APR was. Be honest with yourself and your partner before the credit report puts both of you to shame with added disappointment.  Save your money, save your marriage, and save your credit.

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